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Alimi Urges People in Sadaa to Establish Peace

Deputy Premier for Defense and Security and Local Administration Minister, Dr. Rashad al-Alimi Saturday urged people in the northern province of Sadaa to work for peace saying “what Sadaa suffered since 2004 and until now has destroyed development and progress, hampered out the process of development, and created a culture of violence and hate among the people of Sadaa who used to live in peace for many centuries.”  He urged people in the region to “interact and respond to the call of Presi

dent Saleh for peace,” saying “it is time that the President’s call is responded to in order to establish peace and security in the province,” and “it is time to substitute the gun with the pen, land mines with trees and it is time for construction instead of sabotage, love instead of hate and it is time for co-existence.”   AlAlimi who was speaking at the opening of a 2-day conference of local authority in the area said “a committee has been setup to follow up on the implementation of President Saleh’s decision to restore peace to Sadaa, monitor the withdrawal of military units stationed near farms and villages and YR10.0 billion riyals were allocated for reconstruction.”



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